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What Happens To My Property In Divorce In New York?

At the law office of Tarshis & Hammerman, our lawyers are passionate in protecting the rights of clients who are going through property division issues in a divorce. Safeguarding your assets and rights to your home, automobiles, business interests and other property is critical to your future.

If you are going through property division issues in the New York City area, contact our attorneys at Tarshis & Hammerman to learn what steps you need to take to ensure you are fully protected.

Solutions To Property Division Concerns In The New York City Area

We can help with family law and property division concerns in New York, including:

  • Determining separate and marital property
  • Properly valuing assets and business interests
  • Uncovering hidden assets
  • Helping to establish what is equitable under the law

Valuing your assets is critical in the final determination of how property will be divided amongst you and your ex-spouse. Unlike community property states, New York divides assets in what is called an “equitable distribution.”

This means that neither spouse is automatically entitled to half of everything. Putting an experienced lawyer in your corner will help greatly in protecting your best interests throughout your divorce.

Finding Hidden Assets

If your ex-spouse is attempting to hide assets from you, we will strive to uncover them. Hiding assets will greatly impact the amount of recovery you are entitled to receive. By working with experts in the field and skilled investigators, we are able to fully uncover what the other side may be attempting to hide.

Consult With A Well-Respected Queens Lawyer For Guidance With Property Division

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