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Help With Back, Neck And Spinal Cord Injuries

Not all accident injuries are easily identified. Some take days or weeks to exhibit symptoms of injury. Why is this? The jarring motion of car accidents, slip-and-falls or other issues that affect the spinal cord can send the body into a sort of shock. Injuries are only apparent after some time has passed.

Unfortunately, this causes many injury victims to get less than they need from at-fault parties and their insurance companies. After an accident, victims will make statements to insurance companies like “I feel fine” only to suffer from chronic pain, numbness and limited mobility later on.

Your Injury Is Serious And We Can Help

At Tarshis & Hammerman, we know that back, neck and spinal cord injuries can be devastating, even if they cannot be seen by the naked eye. Our job is to make sure injury victims get everything they need to make a full recovery whether they suffer pain from whiplash or permanent nerve damage that has caused paralysis.

We have the tools and experience necessary to perform in-depth investigations about circumstances surrounding an accident and the true nature of a physical injury. We help our clients obtain independent medical assessments as quickly as possible following an accident — even if the victim has yet to exhibit full symptoms. We also inform our clients on what issues must be pointed out to medical professionals so that they are placed on an official record.

How To Protect Your Claim

Remember, your doctor needs to know what happened to you and how you’re feeling. Do not underestimate the consequences of your car accident, slip-and-fall accident or other accident that caused a back or neck injury.

Provide comprehensive information to your doctor as soon as possible following an accident, and avoid making statements about your health to insurance providers until you speak with an accident attorney first.

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