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Seeking Effective And Efficient Resolutions Fro Legal Disputes

Our litigation attorneys advocate for individual and corporate clients in all types of disputes. When business disputes or other matters cannot be resolved through negotiation or other dispute resolution techniques, it is important to have an attorney with experience and a record of accomplishment in the courtroom.

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Experienced New York City Attorneys With A Record Of Accomplishment

At the Queens law firm of Tarshis & Hammerman, our lawyers have significant litigation experience. Collectively, they have more than one hundred years of accomplishment resolving legal issues for clients in court, at the negotiating table and through alternative dispute resolution techniques.

The firm was founded in 1985 by two attorneys who rose through the ranks in the Kings County and Queens County district attorney’s offices and ended their careers in the public sector as Bureau Chiefs. They now handle a wide range of matters in the areas of criminal defense, divorce and family law and personal injury law.

Examples Of Our Cases

Our law firm represents clients in litigation arising from:

  • Family law disputes, including disputes related to custody and visitation, child support and divorce
  • Real estate conflicts, including disputes over 1031 exchanges, breaches of contract, failure to disclose and landlord tenant matters
  • Personal injury claims, including trip and fall, slip and fall, car accidents and bus accidents
  • Business disputes
  • Contractor disputes
  • Breach of contracts and enforcement of contracts

Respected Instructors In Trial Techniques

Because of our attorneys’ experience as prosecutors, and because of our broad experience in private practice, we understand how to build strong cases for our clients. We know how to find the weaknesses in the other side’s case. We build on our experience every time we litigate a case, whether the matter is a business dispute or a custody battle.

Caring Lawyers Who Listen

Our goal is to help you find a solution that works for you as cost-effectively as possible. We listen carefully, take the time to understand your goals and explain the range of outcomes you might experience. Clients are thus empowered to make decisions about their cases.

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