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Trafficking, Distribution And Felony Drug Crime Defense

Drug charges are serious no matter what category they fall into, but the consequences of a conviction are far greater for felony drug crimes like trafficking and distribution.

Whether or not you were involved in illegal drug activity, you need to be sure every effort is made to defend against criminal consequences of such a crime.

Dedicated Attorneys Upholding Your Rights

At Tarshis & Hammerman, we know that the accused face overwhelming obstacles the moment they are investigated or arrested. Even though the law dictates that an individual is “innocent until proven guilty,” many law enforcement officers and prosecutors do not treat suspects that way.

It is our job to uphold your rights when others have compromised them. We can ensure every opportunity for a strong defense is pursued to have charges reduced, sentences reduced, cases dismissed and your freedom protected.

In some cases, this involves challenging assertions made by opposition in investigations and prosecution.

  • Did police protect your rights during the arrest?
  • Were you tricked into committing a crime?
  • Was your property searched without a warrant or probable cause?
  • Was the amount found in your possession for personal use rather than for drug trafficking?

Strategic Defense When Your Rights Were Compromised

Entrapment, illegal search and seizure, racial profiling and excessive force are real problems in today’s legal climate. Our team is comprised of aggressive defense attorneys with prior experience in prosecution — a distinction that helps us anticipate arguments made by opposing counsel and develop strategies that work in favor of our clients.

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