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Helping Clients Navigate Complex Real Estate Transactions

The law office of Tarshis & Hammerman has been offering residential and commercial real estate services since 1985. Our clients are businesses and individuals in New York City who appreciate our straightforward approach and our willingness to take the time to understand our clients’ goals.

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Comprehensive Real Estate Transactions

Our New York City lawyers work with buyers and sellers in real estate sales and purchases involving:

  • Single family homes
  • Multi-family homes
  • Commercial buildings
  • Condominiums
  • Co-operatives

We also offer guidance in ways to protect clients’ real estate or business properties, helping them develop plans for the future through a will or a trust or other business succession plan.

Drawing On Substantial Insight To Resolve Real Estate Matters Promptly

We assist with all types real estate transactions and disputes, seeking to protect your bottom line and resolve your matter effectively and efficiently. Our attorneys have the knowledge and ability to:

  • Analyze complex financial data
  • Draft, evaluate and negotiate contracts with your best interests in mind
  • Move you through the process with a minimum of stress and the reassurance of knowing that your important investment is in good hands

Residential Real Estate Transactions

Our goal when helping clients buy or sell residential real estate is to be sure that a client’s rights and interests are protected. We help clients understand their financing options and draft purchase and sale agreements that protect the investment in their home. We represent them at closing, making sure that all paperwork prepared by the lender and other parties was correctly prepared.

Commercial Real Estate In New York City

We help clients purchase or sell apartment buildings, retail stores, manufacturing plants, office buildings and all commercial real estate in New York City. We will make sure that the asking price is congruent with the market and that the building’s history and title are clear.

Whether purchasing or selling a commercial building, clients rely on our attorneys to provide them with sound advice, meticulously prepared documents and dedicated attention to their rights and interests.


Unlike buying a co-op, purchasing or selling a condominium involves actual property rather than a share in the property. However, purchasers of condominiums are governed in many ways by the rules established by the condominium association, making a condominium somewhat of a hybrid.

We make sure that the condo association in the proposed building is effective and financially stable, that common charges are not excessive, that there are adequate reserves for future repairs and that a specific unit will not require changes or repairs in the near future.


Purchasing a co-op apartment is more like a business transaction — the buyer is acquiring a share in the corporation that owns the building. Our attorneys help clients determine the stability of the corporation before they purchase. We assist our clients in looking at financial statements and balance sheets and identify sources of financing for the purchase.

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If a dispute arises from a purchase or sale of residential or commercial real estate, our attorneys are prepared to litigate. Our extensive courtroom experience allows us to present strong cases. We seek to protect a client’s interest in any real estate matter.

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