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Proven Advocacy For Clients Facing White Collar Crime Violations

At the Queens law office of Tarshis & Hammerman, one of our attorneys is a former Kings County Bureau Chief who prosecuted economic crimes. His experience in this position provides our firm — and our clients — with an unusual level of knowledge and experience regarding white-collar crimes.

Our lawyers have been defending clients accused of white collar crimes such as fraud, embezzlement and conspiring to steal since 1985. We also protect the rights of clients under investigation from the FBI or other federal agencies. Consult with our New York law firm for help defending your rights today.

Examples Of White Collar Crime Cases In The New York City Area

Criminal defense trial lawyers Michael Hammerman and Stuart Tarshis have successfully obtained not-guilty verdicts, case dismissals and reduced charges for clients accused of white collar crimes such as these:

  • Securities fraud
  • Mail and wire fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Violation of antitrust laws
  • Bribery and kickbacks
  • Racketeering (RICO)
  • Embezzlement and theft
  • Forgery

All criminal cases can be defended. We will help you understand the potential consequences you are facing and your legal options, whether you are accused of employee theft or bribery.

The Early Involvement Of An Experienced Lawyer Can Help

In matters such as these, early involvement by a knowledgeable attorney may help a client avoid indictment or charges altogether. When the government investigates or charges you or your business with a white collar crime, the best step is to consult an experienced defense attorney.

Each of our attorneys has nearly 40 years of criminal law experience that allows them to analyze cases from all perspectives — that of the prosecutor, the defense attorney and the defendant. Our goal is to preserve your freedom and your future by keeping you out of jail. We explore all alternatives in pursuit of that goal.

Equipped To Navigate Complexities Of White Collar Crime Investigations

Non-violent crimes such as business crimes require the analysis of often-complicated paper trails, investigation of financial records and review of Internet transactions. We have the analytical skills to uncover both the issues at stake and weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

We also have the trial and negotiating experience that allows us to present your case in the most persuasive way. However complex the case, our law firm has the resources to handle it effectively.

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