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Queens Grandparent Rights

When a couple splits apart, it is not just those two individuals who are affected. The divorce will significantly impact the lives of any children involved, as well as the grandparents. At Tarshis & Hammerman LLP, we understand the legal and emotional ramifications of a divorce. We also fully comprehend how this change will influence the lives of each grandparent moving forward.

If you are a grandparent and have questions regarding family law and your rights to visitation or custody of your grandchildren, contact our Queens-area law office today.

Protecting the Best Interests of Your Grandchildren in the New York City Area

If one person in a marriage has passed away or if your son or daughter is getting a divorce, your rights as a grandparent will be affected. It is important to fully understand what those rights are.

If you are seeking visitation of your grandchildren, or even full custody, the road ahead can be very challenging. The law in New York strongly protects the interests of the parents. If one parent does not want you involved in the lives of your grandchildren anymore, it is important to speak with a skilled family law attorney immediately.

Answering All of Your Questions as a Grandparent

Since 1985, we have been answering all types of questions from grandparents, including:

  • Do I have visitation rights?
  • Do I have rights to custody?
  • What happens if my own child is preventing me from seeing my grandchildren?
  • What if my child has died and now his or her spouse won’t let me see my grandchildren?

We can answer these questions and more. You can rely on us for proven and effective representation through all family law matters.

Consult With Our Queens Lawyers Regarding Your Rights as a Grandparent

Call an attorney at our family law firm today at 877-730-2955 to schedule a free consultation with our New York City-area lawyers. We are fully prepared to answers your questions and advocate to protect your rights and the best interests of your grandchildren.

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