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Queens Separation Agreement Attorneys

New York no longer requires a couple to show fault in order to obtain a divorce. One result of this new legal development is that the spouses no longer need to live separate and apart from each other before getting divorced. Even so, a legal separation agreement can help couples make decisions about issues that must be determined before a divorce can be finalized. These include child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support and property distribution.

At the law office of Tarshis & Hammerman, we help clients work out legal separation agreements. Our goal is to ensure that separation agreements preserve our clients’ rights and protect their futures. Whether the separation leads to divorce or heals the marriage, it is important that people understand their options. Our lawyers provide support and guidance in family law legal processes, ensuring that clients know how a legal separation can achieve their goals.

Useful Purposes For Legal Separation Agreements In The New York City Area

A legal separation agreement can be useful in many situations. Some of these examples are:

  • A separation agreement allows the couple to live apart from each other, giving them both time to think about whether a divorce is truly what they want.
  • A separation agreement can spell out each spouse’s rights and responsibilities during the time they are apart, and it gives each spouse a way to enforce the other’s obligations.
  • If the couple ends up getting a no-fault divorce, the separation agreement can provide the final settlement of all issues, including child custody and support, spousal support and marital property division, which is necessary to obtain the no-fault divorce.

Legal Separation Without Divorce

Legal separation allows couples to agree on issues such as child custody and property division if they wish to live apart but choose not to divorce for any reason. These reasons can include:

  • Religious beliefs about marriage
  • Tax purposes
  • Preserving health insurance for the other spouse

Whether the agreement leads to divorce or not, it must be executed properly in order to be valid. Since 1985, our family law attorneys have drafted and executed many of these documents. Our experience allows clients to be secure in the knowledge that their separation agreements will accomplish their goals.

Consult Our Queens Attorneys Regarding Separation Agreements

For more information about separation agreements, call us at 877-730-2955, or email our Forest Hills law office to schedule an appointment.

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