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stuart tarshis

Former prosecutor with 40 years of prosecution and defense experience.

Michael Hammerman

A competent, experienced and compassionate advocate for people finding themselves in a divorce, separation of family law situation.

roberta tarshis

Head of the Firm’s Civil Defense Litigation Practice with more than 30 years of trial experience.

Photo of Professionals At Tarshis & Hammerman LLP

NY Attorneys
you can
count on

Photo of Professionals At Tarshis & Hammerman LLP

A General Practice Law Firm In Queens, New York

We are a Forest Hills law firm offering a variety of legal services to clients. We regularly represent people in New York’s Supreme Court, Criminal Court, Family Court, Probate Court and Civil Court, as well as federal courts throughout the five boroughs of the city of New York and the surrounding counties.

For the experienced, compassionate and distinguished legal team that can get results in your case, contact our Queens-area law firm. We are here to guide you toward a favorable resolution no matter what challenges have come your way.

It’s Not About Us — It’s About Helping You

Our firm has been recognized in the legal community for positive results and client-focused representation in a wide range of legal matters.

Criminal Defense To Keep You Out Of Trouble

The criminal justice system feels unforgiving and overwhelming to the accused. Our federal and state criminal defense practice offers the aggressive New York City representation necessary to take on tough opponents like law enforcement and prosecutors. Ultimately, we aim to reduce charges, reduce sentences and pursue case dismissals so our clients get a second chance.

Personal Injury Representation To Help You Recover

Dealing with insurance companies and negligent parties makes recovering after a personal injury even more difficult than it already is. Whether you were hurt in a car accident or from an unsafe premises in New York, our attorneys can make sure you get the compensation you need to move forward.

Family Law Counsel To Protect Your Family’s Future

If your home and personal life are going through a change, it is important to have an experienced attorney who can make sure child custody, support payments and property agreements are made in your best interest. We understand the difficult nature of these family law issues and can help guide you toward a favorable resolution.

General Practice To Resolve Unexpected Legal Obstacles

Life will inevitably throw curveballs at you, and when it does, you should have a trusted legal team to turn to — one that knows you and understands your perspective. We can be your go-to law office whether you need help with estate planning matters, real estate transactions, negligence defense or dispute resolution and general litigation.

Meet Our Team: Offering Experience, Accessibility And Results

At Tarshis & Hammerman, we understand legal procedure. We understand the law. Protecting our clients’ rights is paramount to us. Our attorneys are recognized as leaders in New York City legal representation:

  • Stuart Tarshis is a former prosecutor who rose to bureau chief in the office of the Kings County District Attorney.
  • Michael Hammerman rose to become a bureau chief in both the Kings and Queens County District Attorneys’ Offices.
  • Roberta E. Tarshis heads our firm’s civil defense department, providing negligence defense and legal counsel to major corporate clients, real estate companies, entertainment venues and institutions of higher education.

Named One of New York’s Top Ten Litigation Firms: Our Queens law firm was named one of New York’s Top Ten Litigation Firms in 2005 by the New York Law Journal.

We treat every individual case as if it were our only case, giving you the personal attention you deserve. You will have 24/7 access to our lawyers and will benefit from our more than 40 years of experience and our ability to get positive results.

Contact An Experienced New York City Lawyer Today

We pride ourselves in providing high-quality customer service and sound legal advice at a reasonable cost. To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your particular legal needs, please call 877-730-2955 or contact our Queens law firm online. 

Named A 2005 Top Ten Trial Firm!

The New York Law Journal's | Book Of Lists | 05