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Relentless Defense Of Clients Confronting Gun Crime Charges

Police and prosecutors in New York aggressively enforce the city’s gun laws and have been known to violate the rights of citizens in the process. Our attorneys represent and defend clients against all types of weapons charges.

If you have been charged with illegal possession of a firearm, received a weapon-enhanced charge or were charged with any other gun crime, your freedom and your future may be at stake.


Our criminal defense attorneys at Tarshis & Hammerman are former Bureau Chiefs for the Kings County and Queens County prosecutors’ offices. They understand the consequences of a conviction on any weapons charge and are ready to build a strong defense that protects their client’s rights. Contact our New York lawyers to start protecting your rights today.

Representing Clients In All Guns And Weapons Cases In The New York City Area

A skilled defense lawyer can make a difference if you have been charged with using a gun or other weapon during the commission of a crime. Our attorneys have a strong record of accomplishment in such cases, successfully defending clients against assault, robbery and homicide charges that also included weapons offenses such as criminal use of a firearm.

As former prosecutors and experienced defense attorneys, we are well aware of the complexities of weapons charges in New York, and we are able to identify special situations that will result in favorable results for our clients. These charges require a lawyer with knowledge of and ability to identify search and seizure issues.

These issues, if successfully articulated, will often result in a dismissal of the charges. Whatever the specific circumstances of your case, you can be assured that our attorneys will develop the best possible strategy for your situation.

Examples Of Our Weapons Cases

We defend clients accused of all state and federal gun and weapons crimes, including these:

  • Illegal sale of firearms
  • Criminal possession of a weapon
  • Drug crimes involving dangerous weapons
  • Possession of an unlicensed or unregistered handgun
  • Possessions of other dangerous weapons, such as knives, stun guns or switchblades

Connect With Us Today And Begin Mounting Your Defense

As former prosecutors, our attorneys are skilled at attacking police testimony and evaluating the validity of search warrants. We are able to find weak spots in the prosecution’s case because we have stood in the prosecution’s shoes. We use our knowledge to fight vigorously for our clients.

Please call 877-730-2955 to arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your specific gun crime charge. You may also email us at our Forest Hills office to schedule your appointment.