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The law office of Tarshis & Hammerman offers a broad range of legal services to individuals, families and business clients throughout the five boroughs of New York City. We have helped our clients when they are:

Distinguished Attorneys On Your Side – Serving All New York City Areas

Our lawyers have been working together since 1985 on matters ranging from murder defense, divorce, personal injury actions to probate administration.

Prior to starting the firm, Michael Hammerman and Stuart Tarshis had distinguished careers as prosecutors, rising to the ranks of Bureau Chiefs in the offices of the Kings, and Queens County District Attorneys. During their years as prosecutors, they instructed other lawyers in presenting strong, effective cases.

Knowing how the other side thinks is a significant advantage to our clients in all areas of our practice – from criminal law to personal injury claims.

A Reputation For Honest And Credible Legal Advice

We are proud of our reputation as straightforward and approachable attorneys who take the time to make sure that clients understand the legal issues they face and the potential outcomes of every option. We will not sugarcoat your situation. Rather, our approach is to arm you with the information you need to make informed decisions about whether or not to move forward with your case.

We believe that clients appreciate our dedication and commitment; a majority of our cases come to us through referrals from current or former clients.

Small Firm. Expansive Offerings.

We are a small firm by choice. Our size is one of our strengths. It allows us to be flexible, available and affordable while remaining focused on resolving clients’ legal concerns in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Our Queens lawyers have the skills and experience to answer all your legal questions. As a client, you will have phone access to your attorney 24/7, should the need arise. We carry your legal burden so you can look forward to your future with confidence.

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