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Safeguarding Your Financial Future During Property Division Negotiations

The attorneys at our Queens law firm have been protecting the assets and the rights of our clients during divorce since 1985. A major issue in most divorces is the distribution of property and allocation of assets. As an equitable property distribution state, New York divorces must follow certain rules if the parties cannot come to agreement about dividing their property and assets.

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Experienced New York City Attorneys Guiding You Through Asset Division

The lawyers at Tarshis & Hammerman help clients protect their property and assets in family law matters. As attorneys with more than 40 years of experience with divorce issues, we know what issues are likely to arise and can respond to them appropriately. We make sure that clients understand the financial and tax consequences of the division of property.

Equitable distribution does not mean equal division in New York. Rather, the process seeks fairness based on a number of factors that can involve the age and health of the parties, the amount of spousal support paid and the length of the marriage. We make sure that clients understand their options and their rights throughout the process of equitable distribution.

Steps In Equitable Distribution

We explain the process of equitable distribution and protect our clients during that process. We assist with issues such as these:

  • Determining which property is marital and which property is separate: Separate property is not included in the division. In general, marital property is property acquired during the marriage; separate property is that acquired before the marriage, by inheritance, as personal injury compensation or that deemed separate by a prenuptial agreement.
  • Assessing and valuing the property: Our firm will consult with experts and appraisers to determine the value of individual items, accounts, pensions, real estate and all other property.
  • Determining the potential tax consequences of a particular division scenario.
  • Determining the impact of child support and spousal support: Our attorneys help clients understand the tax implications and how a child support award may affect other financial issues.

At each step we advise our clients about their options based on our understanding of their financial circumstances and goals.

Issues In Equitable Distribution

Each case is different, depending on the assets held and their complexity. We have handled cases involving property such as:

  • Investments
  • Small businesses and business interests
  • Pensions, retirement accounts and 401(k) disbursements
  • Real estate assets, including personal and business properties
  • Professional licenses and degrees
  • Bonus awards, including Restricted Stock Units and Stock Options

Our lawyers can answer your questions, and will seek out creative solutions that meet your goals.

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